Turf Cutter 18″ 4WD Forward & Reverse $132/day

  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Bluebird Turf Cutter 18 inch
  • Forward & Reverse
  • A self propelled landscaping machine with depth adjustment for harvesting or removing turf.
  • Whether you are preparing for a new landscape bed, clearing for a new sidewalk or driveway, or tackling home improvement projects that require temporarily removing sod, BlueBird’s 18″ Sod Cutter is designed to make even the toughest job quick and easy. Features include five-speed gear selection, pistol-style handle arrangement and simplified depth setting.
  • We deliver, transport @ $22 including delivery and pick up within a 10km radius in local Mandurah.
  • Tel: 0431 2474 50